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Who are the Buck Pets?

     The Buck Pets play rock 'n' roll from the Replacements/Hüsker Dü school, but with their own unique take. Originally from the Dallas area, the Buck Pets headlined clubs across America and opened for Neil Young and Jane's Addiction in larger venues. While they didn't attract as large of a following, I heard their influence in bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Collective Soul. Their albums are somewhat hard to find (at least one is out of print; be sure to check eBay and/or but well worth seeking out, particularly if you're tired of the "oomph" (or lack thereof) in what mTV and commercial radio have to offer. From the raw sound of their self-titled debut to the more "mature"-sounding tothequick, you can't go wrong.

     I knew there was something special about the Buck Pets the first time I heard them in 1991 on O'Neill's O'Zone compilation (also featuring Jane's Addiction), through my stepbrother Brad. Neither of us knew who they were, but we both agreed the Buck Pets were worth seeking out just based on their contribution ("A Little Murder"). Over the next few months, we tracked down as much Buck Pets music as we could, and I became irrevocably hooked. The Buck Pets were my new favorite band. Since then, the Buck Pets' slice-of-life lyrics combined with their larger-than-life guitars and rhythms to resonate within my soul. The Buck Pets' final album, tothequick, remains my all-time favorite.

     An incarnation of The Buck Pets was alive under the moniker Atlas Throat before disbanding. A Chris Savage/Pelicans release was scheduled for sometime in 2002, but unfortunately that fell through. In 2004 work began on a Buck Pets rarities/anthology CD, which will be a graceful and fitting cornerstone to a band whose songs deserved far more attention than they received.

     Worldwide Smile began in June 1996 as a tribute to one of the all-time most criminally underappreciated bands. It resided on The University of Memphis' server (at until August 1999, when I graduated. Worldwide Smile is now hosted by fellow Buck Pets fan/Dallas resident/professional computer consultant Chris Chapman. Thanks, Chris!


Thanks to all who contributed to making this web page possible, directly and indirectly:

Brad Calvert, who (literally) introduced me to the Buck Pets;
Kristi Bicknel;
Tony De Lorenzo;
Neal Agneta;
Marci Mangham;
Eric Bevill;
Brent Fusco;
Jonathan Moore;
Karl Rumpf, who took the time to write and publish 'the' interview;
Jeff Liles, for the updates;
Chris Chapman, for the updates (and the web space!);
Brian Rook and Bob Henderson, for the stories;
Ray Holm, for the lyrics corrections;

and finally, I would like to thank the Buck Pets:

Tony Alba
Ian Beach
Ricky Pearson
Chris Savage
Chuck Smith
Andy Thompson

Their music has done a lot for me, and I can never repay them for it.

-- Marcel Roy