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guitar tab

Please read this copyright notice (from the OLGA archive) before viewing any files. It explains the restrictions on the use of the materials and is equally applicable here.

Through repeated listenings, I've figured out most of the rhythm guitar parts to about 1/3 to 1/2 of the Buck Pets' catalogue, albeit arranged for one guitar. I know a good portion (but not all) of the songs listed below marked with an asterisk (*), and the rest I know all the way through (except for the solo, in some cases):

- longer look - sometimes - snatch rap -

- iron cock - how delicious she looks - good day - inamorata - hammer valentine* - more and more* - perfect* - a little murder - lost* - song for louise post - the bad sleep good, or not at all* -

- moon goddess* - pearls - pm - five o'clock or thursday - ave f blues - guilty - hey sunshine -

- living is the biggest thing* - walk it to the payphone - to the quick - nothing's ever gonna be alright again* - c'mon baby* - crutch* - rocket to you - worldwide smile* -

I posted "little murder," "pearls," five o'clock or thursday," guilty," and "hey sunshine" on 31 March 1997. (Thanks to Aaron Ufberg for getting me started in earnest here.) I added "to the quick," which I had tabbed out so that some friends and I could play it at a party, on 6 April 2000. "Inamorata," "PM," and "Louise Post," all requests, were added in December 2000 along with a couple of songs from tothequick. "Ave F Blues" was formally added in May '02. Until I have large chunks of time to spare, the rest are by request only. Send requests to

this page began on 3 october 1996.