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The images below were collected off the net, scanned from my personal collection, or contributed by other Buck Pets fans. Expect a major redesign of this page soon(?), with separate pages for flyers, t-shirt designs, album art, promo photos, etc. Unless otherwise noted, all images are © the artist indicated.
last update: 7 august 2005

Live photos:

Press photos and candid photos:

Flyer art:

Early b & w group shot with Chuck Smith.
From the back cover of the Deep Ellum compilation LP. Photo by Michelle Vlasimsky.

The Buck Pets test pressing:
jacket | LP | handwritten note (to the BP's A&R rep Kim Buie?) included inside
Submitted by an anonymous Buck Pets fan

Cover art: THE BUCK PETS

Photographs by Charles Peterson.
Back cover inset photographs by Michelle Vlasimsky.

Cover art: Mercurotones

Art direction and illustration: The B. Company, L.A.
Photography: Barr Landworth Photography
Set Design: Maxine Smith
CD design/layout: Foster Johnson
CD Packaging: Jack Straws Studios

In the Flipside article, Andy summed up the band's feelings about the band photos included with Mercurotones:

"All of us hate those pictures .... all these arty, hand colored, pretentious looking photos. It's really disgusting."
They're included here only for continuity's sake.

"Pearls"/"Hey Sunshine" single
front cover | back cover
Packaged in a heavy-duty brown cardstock sleeve. Printed at Independent Project Press in the U.S.A. © Island Records.

"Car Chase"/"Shave"/"Bargain" single
front cover | back cover | insert
Packaged in a heavy white cardstock sleeve, with hand-screened front and back covers. © 1993 Sing Fat Records.

Cover art: tothequick

Band Photograph: Josh Robinson
Treatment: David Snow
Design: Jennifer Cohen
Art Direction: Pat Dillon

Buck Pets apparel:

  • Buck Pets fan Chris Chapman has an old self-portrait online, wearing a vintage Buck Pets shirt ('92, he thinks). He says, "I bought it at a show at Trees in Dallas, during the time that (I believe) was after the Mercurotones tour way before ToTheQuick was even recorded. This has 2 U shaped magnets opposing. I used to have another one that pictured a kangaroo with boxing gloves. Way kool graphics." Thanks, Chris!

  • Buck Pets fan Marci Mangham has several vintage BP t-shirts:
    • Their very first t-shirt, starring Chris' Les Paul!
    • Limited edition "What the Buck?" t-shirt, ca. 1989: front | back
    • "S.T.A.B." t-shirt (that's unfortunately seen better days), with graphics from the first album: front | back

  • Island Records "Rock Hard" promo t-shirt, to promote their 4 hard rock acts ca. 1989-90: front | back
    Dark blue ink on dark grey, with The Buck Pets' logo (from the first album) among the 4 listed on the back. Both examples I've seen were on eBay, and were sold out of the U.K. (I got the second one). Were these shirts available to the general public, either there or in the U.S.?

  • My Mercurotones tour t-shirt
    No graphic on back of shirt (alas, not bought in person on that tour)

  • My thebuckpets/tothequick/tour1993 t-shirt (thanks, Brad!): front detail | back detail
    These shirts were partially hand-screened: the basic black and white design was the same, with different pairs of colors and no two shirts given the same swatch. I've also seen orange and blue (source: unknown, eBay) and green and blue treated shirts.

    and finally,

  • A b&w picture of me onstage wearing said shirt, with my first band ("Suspect Device") at the old Somber Reptile in Atlanta, GA. This photo was from our 2nd or 3rd show, and was about 4 months before I saw the Buck Pets for the first time on that same stage. Photo © by and courtesy of Michelle Chin.