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last updated on 7/31/02

     When this page began, I didn't really know much about the early history of the Buck Pets. The feature artcles I've seen (see buckpets press) really don't go into much detail about their pre-Island Records days. In early 1999, I received an e-mail from original Buck Pets bassist Chuck Smith, which read in part:

8-JAN-1999 14:20:15.15
From: "Charles Smith"
Subj: buck pets

Please feel free to post my e-mail address to anyone wishing to knowwhat really happened with the Buck Pets (from formation in ~late 85 to~ early 88). Specific questions will be answered the quickest.


Chuck Smith
Chuck also graciously agreed to an e-mail interview. (The interview is now online; for courtesy's sake, please read it before e-mailing him to see if your question has already been answered.)

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