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last update: 01/01/01

Official/promo releases:

I think all of these official releases are now out of print. However, I've seen all of the CDs and both 7"s offered on eBay at one time or another....

The Sound of Deep Ellum (1987)
Island Records -- LP, CD, CS -- 7 90637-x
(compilation: "Snatch Rap")

CMJ Presents Certain Damage! #14 (January 1989)
CMJ-CD 014 -- CD
(compilation: "A Little Murder" [track #1!])
If This Were a Radio It Would Sound Like The Future (1989)
Island Records -- 3 CD promotional sampler
(compilation: "Iron Cock")
THE BUCK PETS (released June 4?, 1989)
Island Records -- LP, CD, CS -- 7 91049-x
Real Audio samples from this album are available here.
O'Zone - Noise of a Subculture (1990)
The O'riginal Soundtrack to the O'Neill Surf Video, "O'Zone - Team O'Neill International Riding Waves"
I.R.S. Records -- CD, CS -- X2-13057
(compilation: "A Little Murder")

Mercurotones (1990)
LP, CD, CS -- 422-846 867-x
CMJ Presents Certain Damage! #31 (June? 1990)
CMJ-CD 031 -- promo CD
(compilation: "Pearls")
"Pearls" b/w "Hey Sunshine" (1990)
Island Records -- 7" single -- 422-878 346-7
Limited edition of 4000
The TDK New Music Report CD on the CMJ Radio Network
Show #8, 18 November 1990
CD -- CMJ 111890 CRN
(compilation: "Shameless," plus a 30 second or so interview with Chris and Andy)
"Libertine" (1990?)
Island Records -- 12" single (remix?) -- ???

"car chase" / "shave" b/w "bargain" (1993)
Sing Fat Records -- 7" single -- Sing Fat 04 (L-41144)
Pressed on blue vinyl
tothequick (1993)
Restless Records -- CD, CS -- 7 72726-x
"living is the biggest thing" (1993)
Restless Records -- CD single -- RPRO-028 (promo)
Always the Bridesmaid (1993?)
Hits Post Modern Syndrome -- promo CD
(compilation: "living is the biggest thing")
Who Covers Who (1994)
Creative Man Discs / Bad Girl -- CD -- CM 006
(compilation of Who covers: "Bargain")

* - the 'x' in the release number refers to its format: 1=LP, 2=CD, etc.

The Buck Pets also appeared on one of those compilation CDs given away when you subscribed to Details magazine (Sampler #4?; "living is the biggest thing").

Known independent and unofficial releases:

See the "non-album tracks" section for complete track listings of the independent releases. Set lists from live tapes are hyperlinked next to each date.

demo tapes:
live tapes (audio):
live tapes (video):