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From Just Music Volume 1 (January 1989), pp. 9, 13
© 1989 by Mike Swinford (ed.), Waco, TX

Accompanying graphic based on photo from the back cover of The Sound of Deep Ellum comp.

Article transcribed verbatim, except for one correction ("Ian Beech") and two minor edits.

If you have not as yet heard of the Buck Pets, you may be living under a rock. When you awaken, come out from under this rock, and enter the music world again, you will hear about this amazing band. And you're not to blame for this alienation from the music world, seeing as there isn't much out there (unless of course you know where to look).

You'll be hearing more and more about the Buck Pets because their first album, on Island Records, will be released around mid to late January. If you are like me (in which case you have my sympathy), you may have seen the 'Pets opening for up for the Ramones in November, or if you live in Dallas you may at one time or another seen them around Deep Ellum, and as a last resort you may have seen them around the country as they have been touring alot lately ----- but probably not!!!

The forthcoming self-titled project is part of a five record deal that the band has signed with Island. Kim Buie (A&R with Island) worked with the band while compiling a record called The Sound of Deep Ellum released last year. This record launched deals for the likes of the New Bohemians and the Buck Pets as well as brought considerable attention to the music scene in Dallas as a whole. From the work on this compilation, Kim Buie signed the band for Island and thus opening the door to wide audiences for the 'Pets.

On November 12th I was in Austin for the Ramones show at the Back Room, not really sure what to expect from the Buck Pets. They started the show, and hadn't been playing for more than one or two minutes before we created a pit on the dance floor. Male hormones, inspired by the intensity of the 'Pets, began to swell. Jack boots and Chuck Taylors circled the beer laden floor, arms flailed, bodies flew, and women stepped aside. This lasted throughout the entire set.

Tony Alba's drumming is gutsy and loud as shit, but there is also an underlying sense of experience and knowledge to it. Tony and Moe-D-Ian on bass provide a tight driving pace for lead guitarist Chris Savage and vocalist/guitarist Andy Thompson, as they pound out the grinding, ballsy, wall-of-noise set. I was so intrigued that I followed the band to College Station for another show on the 14th, and had a chance to talk with Tony to learn more about the band.

Tony and Chris had been playing for some time together in Dallas. Andy is originally from Minneapolis (home to Husker Du, Soul Asylum, etc...), and Ian is from Pennsylvania. They "met Ian at a gas station" while touring in the East; they talked and Ian told them that he played bass (There were problems with the bass player in the band at the time). So, they decided to go with Ian, who decided to pack up and ride his motorcycle to Texas. He has filled the position quite well, even though he had little time to prepare for the recordings for Island. The recordings took place at Island's Compass Point Studio in the Bahamas. For six weeks, the band recorded, played, and generally had a good time!

For a young band putting out their debut major-label album, the Buck Pets have accomplished a lot in what seems like a pretty short time. They've recorded at a major studio, toured all over the country on their own, played a brief tour with the Ramones, and they have a multi-record deal with a solid label. And what's more, says Tony, they're virgins: "Don't forget to say we're all virgins" (It's in print now Tony!...) Those interested in devirginizing the Buck Pets should send photo, references, and sexual background to Tony Alba, Chris Savage, Andy Thompson, or Ian Beach at 9009 Fr............!!!!

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