Big, loud deal

Written by ??? (illegible); photo by James Bland(?). Originally appeared in The Dallas Observer(?), August 1989(?).

Tony Alba e-mailed me a scan of this article in late 2000 (thanks, Tony!). Unfortunately, parts of it were illegible (see the image below). I've tried to transcribe it as accurately as possible; text that I could not make out is represented in [brackets], sometimes with my best guess included. Corrections are welcome....

AUG 16:

     There was a time when if you were a teenager in Plano, you either killed yourself or joined a rock band - locked yourself in a garage and plugged in the amps or started the car. The Buck Pets' two guitarists/songwriters, Andy Thompson and Chris Savage, were teenagers in Plano, and maybe that's why their music sounds like it's going to explode if something doesn't happen soon.

     Sometimes, I think the band's homecoming show at Club Clearview August 16 should be a bigger deal than it seems to be. The obvious reason is the commercial success of its Island debut, and the [???] critical accolade the LP has [fostered?]. This being Dallas, you'd think the external (and therefore legitimate) validation the band has received - from [both camps], no less -- would require [??? . . . ???]. Certainly, The Buck Pets' [success?] has been [its ???]. The eponymous album didn't go platinum (thank God). They haven't [???] an audience of millions. But then, they weren't trying to. They made the album they were trying to make and still managed to sell a few copies.

     That album, by the way, is great - the songs ("Iron Cock," "How Delicious She Looks," "Lost") as raw and stripped-down as rock gets. The Pets have been compared to every noisy rock band around, especially Guns n' Roses (USA Today tagged 'em "Guns n' Rosebuds"). But where Guns n' Roses is wafer-thin, The Buck Pets are as deep as you feel like carrying it. They're like Hüsker Dü in the way they [??? ??? nifty?] pop hooks through [this ???] guitar sound, like The Replacements in the [??? ???] and freewheeling abandon they bring to their [play?]. They're like whatever you want to think they're like.

     The Buck Pets grew out of the local scene, playing Deep Ellum and, unlike many of their peers, touring incessantly. On the road since they were 17, they've developed a following in their hometown. Success wasn't delivered to them. They had to go out and find it. Maybe that's why I think their show should be a big deal.

     The show begins at 10 p.m. [??? ???] opens. Admission is $5. Dial 939-0006 for more.-- ??? ???

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