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"The trend-bucking Buck Pets hit the road"

By Tom Maurstad
Clubland column, The Dallas Morning News, January 12, 1990
Accompanying photo was uncredited; its caption read "You won't find The Buck Pets in Dallas. They'll be on the West Coast for 10 shows."
© Tom Maurstad/uncredited photographer and The Dallas Morning News

The best Dallas band that almost never plays in Dallas, the Buck Pets, are once again doing what they do so well -- touring. After a hiatus of about three months, during which they didn't play a single local show, The Buck Pets left Jan. 7, for a series of shows that will take the group up and down the West Coast and in and out of Mexico.

Unlike so many Deep Ellum bands that have shown a marked reluctance toward out-of-town dates, preferring to build up hometown followings, The Buck Pets have been playing on the road since they started gigging, while never really establishing much of an audience here. Indeed, before their epononymous debut recording came out on Island last year, the band was probably at least as well-known in such cities as Little Rock and Baton Rouge as in Dallas. And these days they likely have more fans in New York than they do here.

For some reason, the band never really clicked with audiences here, and after enough tepid receptions (and, to be fair, performances), The Buck Pets forsook what is traditionally an imperative to an emerging band. Instead, they've been hanging out at home and and working up songs for their next album, which, judging from their laudatory critical notices their debut received and the cool news songs they have thus far worked up, may be the ones to vault them into some serious national attention.

Typical of The Buck Pets' heads-down, no-frills band ethic, this is a romantically archetypal rock 'n' roll tour -- five guys and a bunch of equipment packed into a van for two weeks of lots of driving, little sleep and few showers. The band will play 10 dates in 14 days, in cities ranging from San Francisco to Tijuana, Mexico.

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