THE BUCK PETS -- Besser als die Post

Telephone interview with Chris and Andy by Frank Heukemes

From Break Out Nr. 7/Juli 1989, p. 17
© 1989 by Break Out magazine (sorry, the magazine masthead is also in German)

The accompanying photo is uncredited (by James Bland?)

I found this German-language hard rock/metal magazine on eBay about a year ago. With the help of Google's language tools, I was able to partially translate the interview. Even if the translation was correct as written, I will guarantee that something got lost between the original conversation (which was in English), its translation to written German, and then its conversion to written English. Accurate corrections are welcome. If you can read German well and would like a shot at translating the original interview, click here for an MS Word file containing a (nearly verbatim) OCR-derived transcript, in German.


Better than the Post Office

From Dallas, Texas, we knew so far almost exclusively J.R. Fies and without large "around the mash around speeches" met he with its adversaries always exactly on the point. Exactly the same also the leg-hard Trash seizes one - (not Thrash!!!) Rock of four young named Buck Pets on: commonly, puristic, schnoerkellos. Completely like J.R. they seem to have success with their insolence: Hardly times twenty, have them already the major Deal with Island in Mutters bag. With the telephone interview singers Andy Thompson and guitarist Chris Savage behave as musician, either still hardly the interviews gave (in their case more probably) or like musicians, who had to tell already innumerable marks the same in the course of a long career. The interviewer remained fearfully in constantly expectation of "NEXT question", present offenses or listeners.

Your debut appeared straight with us and in the HeavyRock magazines good criticisms got, although the music goes into something other direction. We it would describe it?

Andy: (after long silence) Ah, it is not Heavy Metal. (silence)

Where you draw the borders between Heavy Metal, hard -, to Wave and Punkrock?

Andy: (after long silence) It is not only Heavy Metal, not only Punk, it is Rock'n'Roll, you know?

What means the bandname Buck Pets for you?

Andy: (see above) It does not mean anything.

It means nevertheless however practically "lap animals of the Moneten", or?

Andy: It does not have to do anything with money.

As have you this koestliche band (now I love it still much more!) together getrommelt?

Andy: Chris and I, we went together to the school. We played in different school bands and met in such a way on Ian and Tony. A daily saw a Talentscout of Island one of our concerts, kept us in the eye and finally asked us whether we want to sign the contract.

Although their American are, you sound very British.

Andy: We belonged ourselves also many English of Punk bands: the Buzzcocks, Generation X etc..

Since we do not have a text sheet at least in Germany to your LP, could tell their me to everyone your Songs a small history?

Andy: (hesitating) Yes, you would like to speak with Chris?

If YOU liked?

Chris: Hello! (After I explained to him, for which it goes) Oh no, man! I cannot tell history to each Song! Thus well, I attempt! The first Song, "Iron Cock" acts of a course, "Delicious" goes over very young, pretty girls, "Good Day" does not have action, "Inamorata" explains itself automatically, "Hammer Valentine" tells of a Valentine car[d], "More and More" describes, how one changes with the time, "Perfect" is that, which the society us wants to make, "A Little Murder" is the fraud, "Lost" is jealousy and "Song For Louise Post"... (by me one interrupts)

Straight this title sounds so strange for me!

Chris: Strangely in the bad sense?

Not necessarily, but I understand ' not, which there it is to concern, since I understand each fifth word on your plate only!

Chris: Louise Post is only the name of the girl, this Song is dedicated to who.

Ah, clearly, I understand! I probably always thought in the back of the head of "post office".

Chris: Oh no, it was better than a post office!

Will it their quality or a another Song contents on video avoid?

Chris: Yes, we will make a video, we do not know only, which song. What mean do you which?

My favourite songs from you are "A Little Murder", "Good Day" and "Perfect".

Chris: Well, then we will select one this Songs. (I cannot pinch myself an audible Grinsen!) Do not laugh, we one this Songs will take, "Little Murder", if best pleases you. Perhaps also still "More and More", pleases me best. Wait times, I give you again Andy.

Will we be allowed to enjoy you times in Germany?

The disk company plans that we are to play still this autumn with you. At the end of August we will come, in order to drink German beer!

Frank Heukemes

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